Never Give Up!

May 8, 1979 was an ordinary day for Marlys as she drove off to Stillwater High School in her newly purchased white Datsun B-210, having only three weeks left until graduation.

However, that hope and dream was to end suddenly.

When she returned to our home in Afton, Minnesota from school that day, a stalker (who had been watching her for who knows how long) was waiting in our home. As she laid the mail on my desk and turned to leave the little office, she was confronted by this person who hit her repeatedly on the head, leaving her to die. Just minutes after the attack, I returned home to find Marlys bleeding to death seeing no hope of survival even though I was an Emergency Medical Technician at the time. After calling for help, she was taken to the finest trauma center in Saint Paul, where she was kept on life support until she could be a donor as was her wish. Marlys died on May 10, 1979 and was buried on May 12th, the day before Mother's Day.

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